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Last Update 28 May 2012
 AIRGUNS - General
Adventures in Airguns Excellent Site - And BBS  
  Adventures in Airguns Hunting Forum BBS  
Air Gun Forum Excellent BBS UK/EUR
R Air Rifle Pest Control Free Targets, Rifle reviews, Hunting Tips, etc UK/EUR
Airgun Forum Another BBS - from USA  
  Airgun Hunters Forum As it says  
  AIRGUN MAGAZINES Homepage for Airgun World and Airgunner Magazines UK/EUR
  Airgun Training Organisation Excellent ORG UK/EUR
Airgun Universe Excellent UK/EUR
  AirGunnerUK Excellent Pages UK/EUR
Airgunology and the Scientist Robert Beeman's Site - EXCELLENT  
  Airgunshack   UK/EUR   UK/EUR
  American Airguns, Very useful site  
  Countryman's Weekly Online UK Countrysports weekly UK/EUR
  CS Airguns & Firearms   UK/EUR
  DEFRA - Scottish Wildlife Law Enforcement As it says  
  DEFRA Wildlife Management General Licences Govt Info for England UK/EUR
  gadgetsuk 88g CO2 As it says Videos of real steel pistols  
Predator pellets review As it Says
UK Dealer EMAIL address is
  Shooting Law, legal services, Ipswich, Suffolk & East Anglia, UK. As it says UK/EUR
  Straight Shooters Loads of Kit reviews  
The American Airgun Hunter As it Says - Excellent resource  
  The British Association for Shooting and Gundogs As it says - has interesting forum UK/EUR
  The Stealth Resource As it says UK/EUR
TR Robb Excellent Source for bits, Videos etc UK/EUR Excellent Site Terrible Hosting UK/EUR
  Vermin control by shooting free in the uk   UK/EUR As it says - Loads of good stuff here As it say - Shooting Simulator New URL