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Last Update 28 May 2012
  Air Rifle Ballistics As it Says - Excellent resource  
  Ballistic Downloads As it says  
  Ballistics software, tables and links As it says UK/EUR
  BALLISTIK Airgun External Ballistics  
  Beartooth Bullets Ballisticians Corner As it says  
ChairGun Excellent Airgun Ballistics Program - NEW URL UK/EUR
  Exterior As it says  
  External Ballistics for Windows As it says  
  Game hunters - Links-software As it says  
  JBM Small Arms Ballistics NEW URL  
Pellant: Airguns Excellent pages - has Airgun Ballistics prog to download amongst other articles of interest UK/EUR

  Air Arms / Baikal / Bushnell / Daystate / FX / TwinMaster / Webley Manuals Owners manuals  
Airgun Manuals As it Says  
  AirgunMod - Custom && Modified Crosman Airguns As it says  
  Beeman's - Field use of AirWeapons Direct Link to one of Robert Beeman's pages  
  BSA Guns Home Page - Manuals As it says UK/EUR
  Chambers - Exploded Diagrams   UK/EUR
  Daystate - Manuals    
  Eddie Colwell's Crosman 2240 Page As it says  
  Gamo - Manuals   UK/EUR
  Online Conversion - Common Weight and Mass Conversions    
  PSI BAR PCP fills converters As it says  
  Rob's reloading pages - Calculate ballistic coefficient    
  RWS-54 Info On Diana 54