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Last Update 28 May 2012

Practical Pistol

R Brian Enos Practical Shooting Site Excellent Site  
R Double-Alpha Academy Excellent Service UK/EUR
R Handgun Drills and Standards Page Useful Info  
R Handgun Training Useful Info  
R IPSC Global Village Main Page Excellent Pages  
R IPSC shooting training Matt Burkett IDPA handgun dvd svi guns weapons tactics Excellent  
R Matt Burkett Practical Pistol Excellent Site  
  Practical (air) Pistol BFTO As it says - (New URL)  
  Practical Pistol UK Pistols here means CO2 powered pistols UK/EUR
R Practical Pistol UK BBS As it Says - Excellent resource UK/EUR
R The Gun Zone -- Federal Air Marshal Firearms Qualification Course Useful Info !  
  The International Defensive Pistol Association As it says  
R UK Practical Shooting Association - Home page Excellent Organisation  

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AirSoft Canada BBS - Excellent  
R Airsoft Community Forums BBS - Excellent UK/EUR
Airsoft Ohio Forums BBS - Excellent  
  Airsoft Retreat   UK/EUR
  Airsoft Retreat Forums Forum Ballistics    
R Arnie's Airsoft Excellent Site UK/EUR
R Arnie's Airsoft Forums Excellent Forums UK/EUR
  Fort Airsoft Scotland   UK/EUR
  Just Excellent resource UK/EUR
  Practical Airsoft - home page Some Very useful Stuff UK/EUR
  Section 8 Airsoft Airsoft Adventure Games based in Scotland   UK/EUR
  UKASC Network Airsoft News Excellent UK/EUR

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AirSoft Suppliers

  21st Century Airsoft    
Airsoft Armoury UK Shop - Good Service UK/EUR
  Airsoft Direct Online Store   UK/EUR
Airsoft Dynamics UK Shop - Excellent Service UK/EUR
  Airsoft Gun Webshop    
Airsoft Scotland UK Shop - Excellent Service UK/EUR
  Airsoftmart   UK/EUR
  Airsport Direct Ltd UK Shop UK/EUR
  Arco && Frecce Airsoft Italian Shop UK/EUR
  BB Guns Airsoft Gun UK UK Shop UK/EUR
  BEGADI ~Softair Shop~    
  Combat Depot US Shop  
  Combat South Store UK Shop UK/EUR
Elite Airsoft UK Shop - Excellent Service UK/EUR
Fire Support Ltd UK Shop - Excellent Service UK/EUR Suppliers of Army Surplus- mostly in Flecktarn pattern! ALSO low priced Airsoft BBs UK/EUR
  Mad about UK Shop UK/EUR
Stringtown Supplies UK Shop - Good Service UK/EUR
  Wargame club shop H K Shop  
Wolf Armouries UK Shop UK/EUR
Zero One Airsoft UK Shop - Good Service UK/EUR

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CO 2

  Air Pistol Hunting Forum As it says  
  AirgunMod - Custom && Modified Crosman Airguns As it says  
  ANICS CO2 Pistol Manfrs UK/EUR
  Brocock CO2 Importers. UK/EUR
  Crosman Airgun Forum As it says -This is now the Archive  
  Crosman Airgun Forum (new) New board - Same excellent forum  
  Crosman Airgun Mod Site As it says  
Crosman AirGuns Excellent Weapons and pellets  
  Eddie Colwell's Crosman 2240 Page As it says  
  QB78 index As it says  
  Tuning QB 78 and QB 22 air rifle As it says  

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Handguns - Manufacturers

  American Handgunner Online Edition    
  Beretta Pistol Makers UK/EUR - Miscellaneous Firearms Technical and Training Manuals    
  Browning International GB    
  Bullet Fest 5    
  Chuck Taylor's ASAA    
  Delta Green Gun Digest - Volume 1 All About FBI Handguns  
  GLOCK Home Page As it Says UK/EUR
  GLOCKMEISTER - Glock Info All about Glocks UK/EUR
  Heckler and Koch HomePage As it Says UK/EUR
  Modern Firearms && Ammunition site As it says  
  Old West Guns and Cowboy Action Shooting Rifles from USFA    
  Para Ordnance Pistol Makers  
  Rob Leatham Practical shooting web site    
  SIG discussion forum BBS - Excellent UK/EUR
  SIGARMS As it says  
  Smith and Wesson Firearms As it says  
  Sniper Country Interesting Stuff  
  Strayer Voigt, Inc. Pistol Makers  
  The Gun Zone -- Internet resource for information about firearms and ammunition As it says  
  Wilson Combat Home    

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